"They are genius engineers. They consistently produce high quality and high performing solutions for a wide range of customer needs. They are self-starters, always keeping up-to-date with the latest software engineering principles, techniques, and technology. They also do a fantastic job at managing timelines, expectations, and project teams. I strongly recommend them."

Matt Hamilton

"Their technical ability is second to none. They provided sound designs for complex business and technical scenarios. In addition they provided leadership and mentoring to junior resources. They were a key factor in the success of the integration component of this project. Without them it would have been very difficult to complete with quality and success."

Mark Grebey

"They focus on writing high quality code quickly; they managed to complete most of the tasks assigned to them more quickly than estimated while also creating extensive unit tests. They are fun to work work with and always willing to exchange ideas on the best way to implement something."

Bill Wolohan

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